Summit to Retirement: Finding Success on Your Financial TrekOur #1 Best Seller

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"The word “Summit” can mean different things to different people. It can conjure up many different images. You can reach the summit of a mountain. You can drive down the prestigious Summit Avenue. Or maybe you can enjoy a craft beer from the Summit Brewing Company.

Often people think of a Summit as a high point in life. In that context, what is going to be your Summit?

We all have different summits along the way, and experience different peaks and valleys in our life’s journey. Peaks can include getting an education, raising a family, buying a home, having a successful career, and retiring with financial independence. Life is exciting when you have goals, dreams, and ambitions.

For the more adventurous among us, goals could include climbing Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth. That takes intensive training, beginning well over a year before the actual climb, and can cost about $45,000 to hire Sherpas and travel to Nepal.

That’s a bit extreme, but many of our goals in life require money and the advice of experts to accomplish them. At Summit Investment Advisors, every day we help people navigate their financial journey and help guide them along the best route with the least risk.

One of the reasons we named our firm Summit is because when we think of a summit meeting, we think of a collaboration of minds, ultimately resulting in an effective strategy or a positive outcome.

This book is that type of collaboration. You will hear directly from experts in various fields, all of which impact us as we approach retirement and plan for this new phase of our life.

We hope this easy-to-read interview format will give you the answers to questions you’ve been meaning to ask, and also answer those questions you may not have thought of.

Think of this book as one-stop shopping on your road to retirement."